Demand Metric

Training Course: Marketing Communications

Demand Metric's online video training course leads you through developing a marketing communications plan. This training course expands on our Marketing Communications Plan methodology.

Our goal with this course it to help you:

  •  Align your marketing communications with your marketing strategy and company positioning
  •  Optimize your communications for each audience and use the best channels to deliver them
  •  Execute your plan and measure the results

During this training course, you’ll use several tools and templates to create outputs, such as:

  1. Environmental assessment
  2. Audience understanding & customer profiles
  3. Documented plan objectives
  4. Key messages
  5. An identified set of channels with a schedule to support communication through each one
  6. A marketing communications budget, calendar and dashboard to measure your results

There are 30 premium tools & templates included with this course to facilitate the process:

  1. Marketing Communications Plan Methodology
  2. Brand Assessment Tool
  3. STEP Industry Analysis Tool
  4. Competitor Analysis Tool
  5. Competitive PR vs Advertising Analysis
  6. Customer Profile Template
  7. Marketing Strategy Scorecard
  8. Facilitating Insightful Focus Groups Guide
  9. MarCom Objectives Worksheet
  10. Positioning Statement Worksheet
  11. Message Mapping Tool
  12. Marketing Channel Ranking Tool
  13. Campaign Impression Calculator
  14. Tradeshow Evaluation Matrix
  15. Events Database Template
  16. Social Media Channel Selection Tool
  17. Social Media Posting Calendar
  18. Press Release Template
  19. Public Relations Calendar
  20. Editorial Calendar Template
  21. Mobile Marketing Readiness Assessment
  22. Mobile Marketing Channel Selection Tool
  23. Advertisement Evaluation Matrix
  24. Advertising Plan Checklist
  25. Advertising Calendar & Budget Template
  26. Qualified Lead Definition Tool
  27. Lead Generation Prioritization Tool
  28. Marketing Communications Budget Template
  29. Marketing Communications Calendar
  30. Key Marketing Metrics Dashboard