Demand Metric

Training Course: Product Marketing

Demand Metric's online video training course leads you through developing a product marketing plan. This course has 6 video modules that expand on our Product Marketing Plan Methodology and Tool-Kit.

Our goal with this course is to help you:

  •  Understand the steps in the product marketing process.
  •  Adapt proven "best practices" to develop a plan.
  •  Complete the analysis and planning activities efficiently and effectively.

During this training course, you’ll have access to 29 tools and templates to create outputs, such as:

  1. Product objectives
  2. Product position and Unique Selling Proposition
  3. Market segmentation and customer profiles
  4. Competitive analysis
  5. Key messages and promotion strategy
  6. Product launch plan

There are 28 premium tools and templates included with this course to facilitate the process:

  1. Product Marketing Objectives Scorecard
  2. Positioning Statement worksheet
  3. Product Applications worksheet
  4. Competitive Analysis tool
  5. Pricing Strategy worksheet
  6. Break Even Analysis worksheet
  7. Product Profitability Analysis worksheet
  8. Unique Selling Proposition worksheet
  9. Market segmentation & analysis tool
  10. Customer profile template
  11. Purchase process diagram
  12. “Facilitating Insightful Focus Groups” how-to guide
  13. Risk Assessment Tool
  14. Marketing Channel Ranking tool
  15. Message Mapping tool
  16. Advertising Plan Checklist
  17. Public Relations Plan Methodology
  18. Website Redesign Methodology
  19. Social Media Marketing Methodology
  20. Mobile Marketing Planning Checklist
  21. Event Planning Checklist
  22. Sales & Marketing Alignment tool
  23. Sales Playbook template
  24. Marketing Communications Budget template
  25. Marketing Calendar
  26. Product launch team charter
  27. Product launch plan template
  28. Product launch checklist