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Training Course: Lead Generation

What's Included in the Course?

Our Lead Generation training course includes a 30-page, step-by-step, Consulting Methodology that highlights our premium tool-kit of 42 premium tools & templates to help you develop a comprehensive lead generation plan.

Stages of this methodology include:

  1. Assessment
  2. Planning
  3. Lead Definition
  4. Technology
  5. Programs
  6. Metrics & ROI

This course also provides the following research and training to help you better understand Lead Generation and how to apply best practices to your organization.

Benchmark Reports:

  • B2B Email Marketing Effectiveness
  • Online Advertising

How-To Guides:

  • Align Sales & Marketing with Lead Nurturing
  • Assess Advertising Concept Effectiveness
  • Building Effective Landing Pages
  • Creating Email Marketing Lists
  • Develop Customer-Centricity with CRM
  • Effective Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Getting Started with Lead Scoring
  • Implement a Marketing Automation Solution
  • Marketing Automation Software Selection
  • Nurturing Leads with Podcasts
  • Revenue Marketing Transformation
  • Tag Management Best Practices

Premium Tools & Templates

  1. Lead Generation Methodology and Course Guide
  2. Lead Generation Maturity Assessment
  3. Marketing Funnel Template
  4. Marketing Channel Ranking Tool
  5. Lead Generation Objectives Scorecard
  6. Content Marketing Plan Methodology
  7. Lead Acquisition Model
  8. Qualified Lead Definition Tool
  9. Lead Scoring Template
  10. CRM Readiness Assessment Tool
  11. CRM Program Strategy Scorecard
  12. CRM Maturity Assessment
  13. CRM Business Case Template
  14. CRM Consulting Service RFP
  15. CRM System RFP Template
  16. CRM Vendor Evaluation Matrix
  17. CRM Program Metrics Dashboard
  18. CRM Administrator Job Description
  19. Marketing Automation Business Case
  20. Marketing Automation Consulting RFP
  21. Marketing Automation Maturity Assessment
  22. Marketing Automation ROI Calculator
  23. Marketing Automation System RFP
  24. Marketing Automation Vendor Evaluation
  25. Marketing Automation Vendor Matrix
  26. Marketing Calendar Template 2013
  27. Advertising Calendar & Budget Template
  28. Advertisement Evaluation Matrix
  29. Online Advertising Plan Template
  30. Online Advertising ROI Calculator
  31. Advertising Plan Checklist
  32. Sales Productivity Metrics (Daily)
  33. Sales Productivity Metrics (Monthly)
  34. Sales Productivity Metrics (Quarterly)
  35. Webinar Program Methodology
  36. Events Database Template 2013
  37. Tradeshow Evaluation Checklist
  38. Tradeshow Evaluation Matrix
  39. Tradeshow Lead Capturing Form
  40. Tradeshow Program ROI Calculator
  41. Tradeshow ROI Calculator
  42. Lead Generation Metrics Dashboard