Demand Metric

Training Course: Market Research

What's Included in the Course?

Our Market Research training course includes a 37-page, step-by-step, Consulting Methodology that highlights our premium tool-kit of 31 premium tools & templates to help you build an efficient market research process, a comprehensive market research report and an engaging presentation.

Stages of this methodology include:

  1. Prepare
  2. Define
  3. Gather
  4. Analyze
  5. Report

This course also provides the following research and training to help you better understand Market Research and how to apply best practices to your organization.

How-To Guides:

  • Engage Targets with Market Research
  • Entering the European Market Successfully
  • Facilitating Insightful Focus Groups
  • Performing Exploratory Research

Premium Tools & Templates

  1. Market Research Methodology and Course Guide
  2. Market Research Report
  3. Market Research Capabilitities Assessment
  4. Market Research Analyst Job Description
  5. Market Research Strategy Scorecard
  6. Market Research Database Template
  7. Market Research RFP Template
  8. Market Research Firm Selection Tool
  9. Market Research Decision Problem Template
  10. Exploratory Research Plan
  11. Focus Group Report Template
  12. Focus Group Facilitator Evaluation Template
  13. Focus Group Participant Profile Form
  14. Focus Group Facilitator Selection Template
  15. In-Depth Interview Guide
  16. Case Analysis Research Report
  17. Market Research Problem Template
  18. Research Request Agreement Template
  19. Research Proposal Template
  20. Research Methods Comparison Template
  21. Social Media Usage Survey
  22. Website Usage Survey Template
  23. Customer Satisfaction Survey
  24. Brand Perception Survey
  25. Survey Sample Selector Template
  26. Market Research Project Schedule
  27. Market Research Analysis Template
  28. Hypothesis Testing Tool
  29. Research Conclusion Prioritization Tool
  30. Research Consensus Ranking Tool
  31. Market Research Presentation Template