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Training Course: Sales Training

What's Included in the Course?

Our Sales Training course includes a 38-page, step-by-step, Consulting Methodology that highlights our premium tool-kit of 28 premium tools & templates that can be used to train sales reps on a consultative approach to selling that will increase win-rates, deal-sizes and % reps attaining quota.

Stages of this methodology include:

  1. Assessment
  2. Positioning
  3. Sales Process
  4. Techniques
  5. Key Accounts
  6. Metrics & Reporting

This course also provides the following research and training to help you better understand Sales Training and how to apply best practices to your organization.

Benchmark Reports:

  • Sales & Marketing Alignment: Benchmarks, Insights & Advice

How-To Guides:

  • Achieving Corporate Sales Targets
  • Adopting Consultative Selling
  • Documenting Sales Call Opportunities
  • Examine Buy-In with Stakeholder Analysis
  • Formalizing the Sales Support Function
  • Starting Out with Sales Enablement

Premium Tools & Templates

  1. Sales Training Methodology and Course Guide
  2. Sales Training Assessment
  3. Sales Skills Assessment
  4. Sales Enablement Strategy Scorecard
  5. Customer Profile Tool
  6. Competitive Analysis Tool
  7. Unique Selling Proposition Template
  8. Competitive Product Sales Reference
  9. Buying Process Stage Template
  10. Qualified Lead Definition Template
  11. Bid or No Bid Assessment
  12. Sales Playbook Template
  13. SPIN Selling Questions Tool
  14. Feature Advantage Benefit Tool
  15. Sales Script Template
  16. Objection Response Tool
  17. Sales Presentation Template
  18. Sales Proposal Template
  19. Territory Management Checklist
  20. Decision Maker Influencer Map
  21. Account Scoring Template
  22. Key Account Analysis
  23. Key Account Reporting Tool
  24. Sales Productivity Metric (Daily)
  25. Sales Productivity Metrics (Monthly)
  26. Sales Productivity Metrics (Quarterly)
  27. Sales Forecast Tool
  28. Sales Forecasting Chart