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Training Course: Project Management

What's Included in the Course?

Our Project Management training course includes a 46-page, step-by-step, Consulting Methodology that highlights our premium tool-kit of 38 premium tools & templates  to help you develop a comprehensive approach to project management.

Stages of this methodology include:

  1. Initiate
  2. Plan
  3. Execute
  4. Control
  5. Close

This course also provides the following research and training to help you better understand Project Management and how to apply best practices to your organization.

How-To Guides:

  • Advanced Project Management Techniques
  • Examine Buy-In with Stakeholder Analysis
  • Getting Started with Agile Marketing

Premium Tools & Templates

  1. Project Management Methodology and Course Guide
  2. Project Management Maturity Assessment
  3. Project Management Office Charter
  4. Project Portfolio Template
  5. Project Prioritization Tool
  6. Business Case Template
  7. Feasibility Study Template
  8. Stakeholder Analysis Matrix
  9. Project Charter Template
  10. Key Success Factors Tool
  11. Work Breakdown Structure Template
  12. Responsibility Assignment Matrix
  13. Project Management Template
  14. Project Budget Template
  15. Risk Management Plan Template
  16. Risk Analysis Fishbone Template
  17. Change Management Plan Template
  18. Change Management Readiness Assessment
  19. Change Management Strategy Scorecard
  20. Project Communications Plan
  21. Meeting Minutes Template
  22. Quality Management Plan Template
  23. Project Approval Form
  24. Project Plan Template
  25. Issue Log Template
  26. Project Change Request Form
  27. Project Status Report Template
  28. Deliverable Approval Template
  29. Project Milestones Template
  30. Earned Value Analysis Template
  31. Project Change Request Log
  32. Quality Log Template
  33. Risk Mitigation Checklist
  34. Risk Assessment Template
  35. Project Acceptance Document
  36. Post Project Evaluation Template
  37. Lessons Learned Template
  38. Project Closure Checklist